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Upcoming Trainings

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Starts November 11 2021, every Wed & Mon until November 29 (6 sessions)
Time: 11am NZ Transmission Time (2.5 hours per session) 
$1111 / VIPS 20% off/ Mothership $10% off




Vessel : Lakshmi's Cave of Treasures

Starts 11-11-21

At this time on earth, we are reviewing and rebirthing the meaning of abundance, and wealth, as financial systems shift and collapse in reponse to the upgraded frequencies of the new timeline. Even as systems crash, new systems of light are rising, businesses working with higher consciousness are thriving, and inner wealth is becoming the new symbol of success. 

As more souls on planet Earth tap in the new laws of attraction, the superconscious network of light comes forward to offer the new strategies and alignments that will shift each soul into the true potential of limitless supply.


Join Goddess Lakshmi, Avatar of Fortune and Wealth, in a 3-week masterclass retreat to unlock your true wealth visionary path, liberating your soul purpose to shine in this lifetime. 

During this exclusive hands-on online 3 week retreat, Lakshmi will require you to bring a project or an idea into creation, through emboldened action of divine feminine flow. 

See a shift taking place in your manifestation before the year comes to a close! 

During 6 Zoom workshops over the next 3 weeks, starting 11-11-21, you will be assisted by Lakshmi to bring something of light into the world. During Vessel, you will experience alchemization of manifestation, personal expansion and a soul tribe accompanying you on the path to miracles!


During Vessel, you will be personally guided through Lakshmi's teachings and activations to bring an inspiration or already formed idea into fully blown manifestation. Each workshop is an intensive training session that requires inner and outer work held in a high vibration container of alchemy. 


In the Vessel container :


- Lakshmi's Secret Key of Alignment : discover how to unlock abundance  at the levels of miracles

- Morning Ceremonies and Gratitude Alignments with Lakshmi

- Anchoring the 10 Laws 

- Dream Chambers : Multidimensional healing shifts in your sleep

- Do Less, Create More : 5D Lightwork Strategies while Scaling Your Vision

  • Find out how to flow with Goddess Lakshmi's new earth system of wealth consciousness, where to invest, and how to commit to living your best life of flow and freedom


Find out how to leverage consciousness as the new currency for living your best life!

Session Outlines:


Session 1 : Lakshmi Code + Unveiling your Vision

Session 2: Using Lakshmi's 10 Laws to open Your Wealth Pathway + Creating your New Structure

Session 3: Sacred Soul Work and Expression + Your Soul Blueprint

Session 4: Building the Currency of your Gift + Practical Survival Tips in the Spiritual Marketplace

Session 5: Digital Expansion - Pricing and Scaling

Session 6: Legacy, Impact and Your Message + Launching your Spiritual Passion forward 

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