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A journey into the perfumes of the Goddess

Our online perfume school is here!

Start Smell Training with our quarterly pack of 4 essential oils every 3 months, specially curated to enchant your senses and enhance your wellbeing.

Join the Sensorium of online workshops, scent ceremonies, perfume appreciation and vibrational alchemical aromatherapy in a private members portal. 

For the first time ever, experience the essences in their purest form, as rare and exquisite perfumery compounds. Steep yourself in the oils of legend, where the alchemist in you awakens. 

A spiritual exploration of the alchemy of nature's finest elixirs awaits. 

In Scent Academy:

  • 5 Scent workshops online

  • 3 sets of 4 essential oils, mailed to you

  • Access to Apothecary bespoke oils and exclusive shop on private members portal  

  • Online portal to scent meditations and journal 

  • Initiation into Scent Healing 

  • Smell Training program 

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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Scent Academy

    Elke 3 maanden
    Online Perfume School
    9 maanden geldig
    • 3 Essential oil kits (4 x 5-10ml oils each)
    • 5 Online workshops
    • Smell Training
    • Apothecary oil access and exclusive discounts
Aurora Alchemy Membership Trailer Japan One

Aurora Alchemy Membership Trailer Japan One

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