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Spicy notes of Black Pepper, Frankincense & Cloves settle into precious Rose Absolute & golden Myrrh, with this exceptionally efficient healing blend. Goddess Durga disperses energies & entities with the ferocity of a mother tiger.


Durga’s powerful shield fends off negativity, psychic attack and pain. Apply this oil in areas of pain for speedy relief. Rub onto back of neck to shield against psychic attack & create a shield of protection. Sprinkle into environment to transform dark energies. It is the oil for healers, healing, space cleansing, and all situations in need of restoration back into pure light. This miraculous oil is our #1 bestseller!  

Durga Protection Potion

Productcode: 0004
  • Applications:

    Durga’s potent healing powers are legendary. This is one oil that stops pain, hurt & suffering at the source. Infused with oils that have long been linked to protection, our herbal blend emancipates & liberates stuck & blocked energies, while gently yet firmly ushering them back to the light.


    Entities & dark forces are overcome with even a few drops of this elixir. Goddess Durga’s ferocious temper destroys evil at its core. Drop her oil in corners of spaces needing clearing or spray into air after mixing a few drops in water. 


    For those who have undergone pain & injury, covering the skin in Durga will result in a pleasant tingling sensation, followed by deep sleep. Durga decisively eliminates poisons & parasites, swelling, backaches & headaches.

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