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  • The Golden Flower: Receiving new consciousness, mental and spiritual illumination.


Receive new light into your life with this essence of enlightenment. An excellent essence for meditation, it promotes the flow of chi through the body & expansion of golden light within the cells. Golden Flower essence promotes study, focus, resilience & enhances longevity. It brings you into the Flow of Life. 


The essence contains a high frequency light that was captured in extraordinary circumstances. This light frequency was transmitted by a delicate drop of water from a butterfly’s wing. It holds within its healing gift a key to open oneself to nature’s mysteries. 


Contains vibrational properties of Monarch butterfly, ruby, topaz, aquamarine, greenstone, sunlight, roses in pure filtered water & organic brandy. This essence is an attunement to the golden ray of healing, the cosmic ray of Christ Consciousness. 


About the Butterfly Essences:

Aurora Alchemy has developed the world’s first ever range of essences based on the healing properties, transformational stages and vibrational energy of the Monarch butterfly. 


Through the process of solar alchemy, the purified water in each 30ml bottle contain vibrational qualities of gemstones, oils, flowers and precious metals, in 10% organic alcohol.


Drops are to be taken under the tongue 3-5 times a day until the bottle finishes.


Butterfly essences work for all conditions, especially healing of physical traumas and inner child issues. They can assist with cellular removal of poisons and parasites, and all forms of imbalance. If there has been exposure to pollution and environmental toxins, the essences help build a shield. Most of all, the essences work on the heart, opening it to transformation. 


Through the ages, the butterfly has been linked to rebirth and resurrection, enlightenment and the soul’s journey through consciousness. The ancients beieved the butterfly represented the ultimate spiritual destiny of man - to become the butterfly was the symbol of the soul’s freedom into the realm of enlightenment. 


The Monarch is the king of the butterfly species, and is a symbol of oneness because, as the world’s furthest migrating species, it has travelled to all parts of the earth. This powerful world connector has important messages to share with us all at this time of planetary transformation. 


The Golden Flower Butterfly Essence

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