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Take a deep dive into the principle of sacred mothering, in this Zoom workshop intensive. 


Learn about the ancestral patterns and divine feminine practices of the Goddess Mothers, who have birthed, nurtured and nourished all of creation. In this powerful workshop guided by the unified spirit of the Divine Mother, you will discover and heal:


- Core issues related to the Mother and why it affects everything you do in life

- Survival mechanisms and fragmentation related to inner child wounding and trauma

- Divine Mothering Practices each mother should know

- The Mother Threshold : The Inner Mother as your source of Power


Relearn the mysteries of this primal link to life and love, where your heart consciousness and subconscious impulses become one. Through the Goddesses, energy will be channelled to each person to attune to the frequencies of the Cosmic Mother. 


After this workshop, a birthing process will begin for each soul, as the keycodes shared in this transmission begin to open. 

The Mother Goddess Workshop

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